Huawei punishes employees for iPhone tweet blunder

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China Takes Wind Out Of Apple iPhone Sales

This is why the fact that the New Year's greetings from the official account of Huawei arrived with the words "via Twitter for Iphone" created a stir and many comments on social media.

The tweet was quickly removed but screenshots of the blunder spread across social media.

According to Reuters, Huawei isn't just blaming the third-party and is instead blaming the people who chose to use them, saying that the mistake showed "procedural incompliance and management oversight".

On Friday, a report by Reuters news agency - citing an internal company memo - said that the Huawei staff involved in the Twitter blunder had been demoted and would be receiving reduced salaries.

Twitter, like several foreign services such as those from Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc, is blocked in China, where the Internet is heavily censored. Social Media-employees need to handle a so-called "Virtual Private Network" (VPN) to the lock.

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Stakes are high in the race between Huawei and its American rival, which they overtook in August as the world's second largest smartphone vendor by volume (the largest is the South Korean maker Samsung).

Huawei did not reply to AFP's request for a comment on the incident. In addition, the pay rank of one of the employees - Huawei's Digital Marketing Director - will also be frozen for 12 months. Calls to its Beijing office went unanswered.

The faux pas was first noticed by web video producer Marques Brownlee, whose tweet of a screenshot of the Huawei tweet has been liked 47,000 times and shared almost 7,000 times.

It is not the first time use of the Apple product has given cause for embarrassment. Just recently, Chinese companies revealed they'd reward employees who would replace iPhones with smartphones made in China, as a response to Huawei's CFO being briefly detained Canada.

Huawei's chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver on December 1 at the request of US law enforcement. That, of course, rubbed Huawei the wrong way, and it has taken action against the employees responsible.

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