Bright blue light appears over Queens after transformer explosion at power plant

Frederick Joseph		On Thursday night in Queens the night sky was an eerie azure blue

Frederick Joseph On Thursday night in Queens the night sky was an eerie azure blue

"Why is the sky lit up bright blue in Queens New York City right now?"

The blue flash could be seen from as far as Manhattan, across the East River from the airport, and some residents said it appeared to be daytime for a moment, according to multiple social media posts.

Authorities in NY on Thursday said they were looking into a "transformer incident" following reports of an explosion.

All terminals were impacted by the loss of commercial power, causing the FAA to issue a ground stop until at least 10:30 p.m. ET, including for aircraft bound for LGA.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the explosion and there was no resulting fire.

The odd sight was caused by an explosion at the Astoria power plant in Queens.

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"Blown transformer at Queens Con-Ed facility".

Con Edison said on Twitter that there was "a brief electrical fire at our substation in Astoria which involved some electrical transformers and caused a transmission dip in the area". Con Ed confirmed that the airport was running on generator power.

Reports said the fire at the Con Edison facility in Astoria in Queens, New York had been contained.

Another person suggested New Yorkers might now have super powers.

Residents reported temporary power outages.

The mayor of New York Bill de Blasio confirmed the extraordinary light was "caused by electrical surge at substation", but said there were no current fire and no injuries.

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