Facebook Allowed Third Parties to View and Delete Users’ Messages

Facebook Has Another Data Privacy Problem This Time Involving Amazon Netflix And More

Facebook reportedly gave tech giants access to users' private messages

The ad was in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where almost 100 million users had their data mined by the political consulting firm for use in the 2016 presidential election.

The whole debacle is comparable to the technical confusion that enabled Cambridge Analytica to collect data about Facebook user's friends without consent.

Facebook, on the other hand, has admitted allowing unprecedented access to its users' data to the aforementioned companies but maintains that it has found no evidence of abuse.

It said this was so people could log in to services such as Spotify with their Facebook account and then send messages through the Spotify app. The movie-rating site Rotten Tomatoes and the music-streaming site Pandora weren't cut off until late summer, according to the Times.

Facebook argues that its partners abide by their privacy settings, and that they see the partners as an extension of Facebook - thus, the company says it is not violating a 2011 Federal Trade Commission consent decree saying that it can not share data without permission.

The Bing search engine owned by Microsoft was able to see most Facebook users' friends without any consent. While most were technology companies, there were also automakers and media organizations.

THE FACTS: In this case, the company says that its "integration partners" - such as Amazon, BlackBerry or Microsoft - had to get authorization from people to turn on these features. Some of the largest partners, including Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo, said they had used the data appropriately, but declined to discuss the sharing deals in detail.

That Facebook would have deep integrations with third-party partners is not necessarily surprising, as the company's former privacy chief Alex Stamos pointed out.

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"The deals, the oldest of which date to 2010, were all active in 2017", The Times reported.

He said the Times's report "is yet another data point demonstrating that Facebook offers users far too little in the way of transparency about how their data is being used, and by whom".

The New York Times reported Tuesday that Amazon.com, Inc. We have no evidence that Spotify ever accessed users' private Facebook messages. "Facebook rewards these firms with data privileges that other organisations do not enjoy".

He said: "We have to seriously challenge the claim by Facebook that they are not selling user data". It was "never that popular, so we shut the feature down in 2015", the company said.

The social network has been under intense pressure over its practices over the past year, following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a series data breaches and concerns over fake news and other content on the site.

Disclosing such information violated Facebook's normal privacy rules and was meant to help companies better target consumers, while raising internal advertising revenues, according to the report.

"The flagrancy with which Facebook has flouted its consent decree shows it doesn't take the agency seriously", the group said in a statement.

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