Giant Eagle Recalling Red, Green Leaf Lettuce

Adam Bros. Farming cauliflower, lettuce recalled due to possible E.Coli contamination

E coli investigation leads to recall of US cauliflower, lettuce in Canada

As you all know, romaine lettuce has been recalled off shelves across North-America since mid-November; due to an outbreak of E. coli that has produced dozens of cases of illness in the United States and Canada.

Almost 60 people have been reported ill from the current multistate E. coli outbreak, which primarily has been linked to romaine lettuce, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in an update posted last week. A full list of recalled lot numbers can be found here. Farming, Inc. about potential E. coli contamination.

The company said the recall is of an abundance of caution, as the water from the reservoir is treated before coming into contact with harvested produce.

In severe cases of illness, some people may have seizures or strokes, need blood transfusions and kidney dialysis, or obtain permanent kidney damage.

The company has notified all affected customers of all product that was recalled as of December 13, 2018.

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A produce recall from a California grower includes some Giant Eagle products.

Consumers with the recalled produce are being asked to return it to the store or to throw it out. Farming, Inc.'s products.

The cauliflower was also sent to wholesalers in Arizona, California, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania, as well as Canada and Tijuana, Mexico.

Red Leaf Lettuce - Adam Bros.

"We might have to substitute say a romaine lettuce with a green leaf lettuce or a spring mix that has romaine lettuce in it for one that doesn't have romaine lettuce in it", McLain explained.

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