Time Warner Center Evacuated After Bomb Threat Called in

In October CNN was also evacuated after a suspicious package containing a crude pipe bomb was found

In October CNN was also evacuated after a suspicious package containing a crude pipe bomb was found

A building in New York City that includes CNN was evacuated because of a phoned-in bomb threat Thursday night that turned out to be unsubstantiated, according to police and a reporter at the network.

Fire alarm bells rang inside the newsroom to signal an evacuation shortly after 10:30 pm, CNN said on its website, as the network went to pre-taped programming.

CNN reported that nothing suspicious was found. CNN is now reporting the incident live, from the street, via Skype and i-phone.

The New York Police Department tweeted that they were responding to Columbus Circle, where CNN is located, and urged people to avoid the area.

CNN confirmed in a statement that a bomb threat had been called into its NY offices and employees had been evacuated. In the meantime, the network has gone to taped programming.

The threat was not substantiated, the NYPD tweeted.

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Using Stelter's iPhone to broadcast live, he and Lemon reported on the unfolding event outside CNN's evacuated offices.

President Donald Trump, who has made a political career of attacking CNN, had actually just tweeted about "fake news" the same hour of the bomb threat. He said that the bomb squad had arrived to investigate the matter.

"We were told to evacuate the building and to do it as soon as possible".

All vehicle and pedestrian traffic had been blocked by police, said New York Police Detective Hubert Reyes.

In October this year, the NY offices of CNN were evacuated after a suspicious device was discovered in the building's mailroom.

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