Woman and three-year-old daughter crawl under Mexico-US border wall

Some Americans are avoiding going to Mexico for medical trips or vacations because they fear getting stranded if the border closes

Migrant caravan relocated to new shelter farther from the border

Tourists and visitors have been cancelling planned trips to the Mexican state of Baja California since the border crossing shut down briefly a week ago, and according to tour-friendly business owners, many fear getting trapped in Mexico should the crossing close again, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported Sunday.

A news release from Customs and Border Protection said six people, including two children, received assistance from another person who did not climb over the 18-foot wall and remained in Mexico after dropping the children to family members below.

McAleenan has been overseeing the USA southern border where more than 7,000 migrants have gathered near Tijuana, Mexico.

The family of six that illegally crossed the border into the United States includes three children, ages 2, 7, and 10, and is from Guatemala, according to CBP.

Trump took to Twitter again Tuesday to drum up support for a better border wall, arguing that the expense would be less than the USA incurs each year due to illegal immigration.

Customs and Border Protection officials said that on the morning of December 3 security camera operators observed a group of six illegal aliens, including two small children, making their way over the border wall.

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USA authorities say they can process up to 100 asylum seekers a day. It required any migrants who wanted to seek asylum to present themselves at a recognized port of entry.

The Trump administration's fierce crackdown on the "migrant caravan" has caused the 6,000-strong group to stall in Tijuana, Mexico; with many choosing to return home rather than wait months for their asylum claims to be processed by American authorities. US officials said agents had been wounded or hit by migrants throwing stones. They turned around and waved to those still on the Mexican side.

Last week the mayor sent a deputy to Mexico City to petition the United Nations Human Rights Ombudsman and High Commissioner for Refugees to assist the migrants. But they also warned they would stop offering food and medical services at the Benito Juarez sports complex.

Melanie Hernandez, a migrant at the new shelter, said the desperate situation created by the rain has "improved the humanitarian response" offered by Mexican and US non-governmental organizations, many of whom are offering clothes, medical care and some legal services.

But it is still crowded.

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