Fortnite Creative Coming In Season 7

Epic Games to undercut Valve with own PC games store

Epic Games is launching an Android game store in 2019 with 88% revenue share

The Creative mode will arrive Thursday for Battle Pass owners, who will get early access to their private islands and can invite friends.

The news comes from Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, who mentions this to Variety.

Fortnite's Creative mode gives you a Minecraft-like building tool that lets you create your own islands, mini-games, and rules.

Fortnite Creative will be free, too, even if it's initially restricted to Battle Pass owners.

Like all things Fortnite, Creative Mode is work in progress. "Like Battle Royale and Save the World, we're committed to making this bigger and better over time". Just don't expect it to be a super polished experience yet, as Epic creative director Donald Mustard warns. Present are most of the weapons, vehicles and consumables from the Battle Royale game, as well as brand new items for maximum creativity.

While there is no guarantee that crative mode will be part of the season 7 launch, it seems likely that they will both be made available to players at around the same time. They'll be able to design games and set them up for playing with friends on their own private island.

Epic Games to undercut Valve with own PC games store
Epic Games confirms it's launching its own store

His video has been removed from YouTube (Android, iOS), but given Fortnite's meteoric popularity, getting rid of all copies of the footage quickly proved impossible.

The Fortnite Twitter has tweeted that downtime for the seventh Season will begin tomorrow, December 6th, at 4 AM ET (0900 UTC).

In May of this year, the free-to-play Fortnite topped $1 billion Dollars in revenue.

The season seven Battle Pass is now available for all Fortnite players for 950 V-Bucks.

Like many Fortnite emotes, the dance later appeared in the game as a purchasable emote and was renamed to "Swipe It".

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