Netflix Plans On Pulling "Friends" From Streaming Service & Fans Are Seriously Upset


‘Friends’ to Remain on Netflix — For Now

Despite the difference from the NYT report, the new deal is still a major increase from the original four-year deal the two companies signed in 2014, which kept Friends streaming on Netflix for $30 million per year.

Netflix later confirmed the show will be on Netflix through 2019.

"The only reason I have an account with Netflix is to rewatch Friends", singer Hayley Kiyoko tweeted.

Some hardcore fans of the classic sitcom were anxious the show was going to be cut from Netflix in the new year.

The subscription service's chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, told The Hollywood Reporter that word of the show's removal was "a rumor", raising the possibility that expiration notices were being posted in error.

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However, Netflix UK & Ireland reassured Twitter fans on Monday night by saying: 'The One Where Friends is Going Nowhere, Don't Worry'. With HBO, Warner Bros., and TBS, WarnerMedia's content is a bit more diffuse. The video streaming company said it would retain the long-running sitcom for users in the United States - at least through 2019. TV, who produced the massively successful sitcom, did respond to THR, while a Netflix spokesperson declined to comment.

According to Business Insider, the Friends will likely just relocate; they believe the series "will be included on AT&T's upcoming service, which is expected to launch in 2019". It's possible that "glitch" was a premature sign of things to come.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Netflix confirmed Friends will remain available to stream in the USA through the end of 2019.

So use this chance to marathon as many Friends episodes as you can.

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