Migrants Arrested in Border Clash Will Avoid Criminal Charges

U.S. Army soldiers install a barbed wire fence along Anzalduas International Bridge near the U.S. Mexico border in McAllen Texas

California assessing legal action against use of force on Mexico border

Late Thursday, border officials said they arrested two caravan members on assault charges as well as illegally entering the U.S. In one instance, an 18-year-old from Honduras was caught with four others and elbowed an agent, officials said.

A group of asylum seekers camping out at the U.S. -Mexico border have started a hunger strike to protest Mexico's efforts to block them from making their way to U.S. The protest group is part of a caravan of thousands of Central American asylum seekers who have waited for weeks in the Mexican border town of Tijuana to process their asylum claims.

But US border authorities limit asylum applications at the San Ysidro border crossing to between 40 and 100 per day, and thousands of people are trapped in the bottleneck.

The department announced Friday that the man, who was identified as 30-year-old Wuilson Lazo-Ramos, was arrested near Ajo, Arizona.

The agents were trying to stop a human smuggling attempt south of Three Points.

But assault cases are harder to prove, requiring more investigation and evidence, and it's not clear yet if the men will be charged by federal prosecutors.

The suspect escaped and was at large for about an hour, during which time the other four men were detained, court documents said.

She said she couldn't walk around freely without fear, her children never attended school because it was too risky. As he tried to scale the fence to cross back into Mexico, the agent was able to detain him.

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Trump has threatened to "permanently" close the U.S. He, too, was charged Friday with assault on a federal officer and illegal entry.

But critics insist the violence is being exaggerating to stoke fears and push political agendas, and say most of the people coming are fleeing violence and poverty in Central America. As an agent approached Rodriguez, he allegedly turned and pointed a loaded pistol at the agent.

Maria Luisa Cáceres, 42, took her 15-year-old special-needs son to the border to try to illegally enter the United States. He said they should be held accountable and face criminal charges.

USA authorities say assailants threw a "hail of rocks" at Border Patrol agents in the Sunday chaos that erupted during a protest against US asylum laws, striking four who escaped serious injury.

Officials say it appeared most of the rocks were thrown from the Mexico side and no one was charged on the USA side with assaulting the agents.

But The Intercept's investigation found that a change in the way assaults were reported in Texas' Rio Grande Valley led to numerous additional assault reports over the prior year.

"You can't cross the street because if you move from one gang's territory to the other, they'll kill you".

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