Pelosi wins first round: Democrats nominate veteran leader for House speaker

Nancy Pelosi Claims Democrats Nomination To Be US House Speaker

Brindisi says he'll continue to oppose Pelosi for speaker, work with Trump when possible

Nancy Pelosi, the highest-ranking woman in the history of U.S. politics, was easily re-elected on Wednesday (Nov 28) to lead congressional Democrats, a major step on her march toward once again becoming speaker of the House of Representatives. Those rebelling members still insist Pelosi will not have the floor votes she needs come January, but Pelosi is confident she will. This means that Pelosi will either have to pick up 15 of votes from members who voted against her nomination, or get 15 Republicans to cross party lines and vote for her.

"I'm going to have to look at that and learn about a little bit", Rep. -elect Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) said when asked about whether he might vote present.

Pelosi has reached an agreement a bipartisan group whose nine Democratic members were withholding their support as they pushed for rules changes to allow a more open legislative process. Pelosi's win in the caucus-wide vote was all but guaranteed when no other challenger emerged.

Democrats were poised to return their entire top leadership team, including Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland in the No. 2 spot as majority leader and Rep. Jim Clyburn of SC in the No. 3 spot as whip.

The ongoing rebellion against Pelosi - of which another MA delegation member, Representative Seth Moulton, is a leader - has revealed frustration in the caucus about how long Pelosi, 78, and her top two deputies have held on to power. She already made a deal with the so-called Problem Solvers Caucus ― a bipartisan group of lawmakers who wanted specific rules changes to open up Congress ― even though that group had already vowed to not support Pelosi if she didn't agree to their rule changes, in writing, by a deadline of almost two weeks ago.

"We had a most unifying session just now in the House Democratic caucus", Pelosi said. The newly-elected freshman said she'll be voting yes.

Brindisi was one of 16 Democrats to sign a letter pledging to support new leadership in the House. Every additional Democrat-held seat gives Pelosi more space to win the speakership even with several Democrats voting against her.

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Sixteen Democrats signed a letter this month vowing to oppose Pelosi as speaker.

It remains far from certain that Pelosi will get the job in January however. But Pelosi offered Fudge, a former chairwoman of the powerful Congressional Black Caucus and a Pelosi skeptic, a top spot on an elections subcommittee in exchange for backing down from mounting a challenge.

"Are there dissenters? Yes", Ms Pelosi said.

House Democrats on Wednesday selected Rep. Congress now has two African Americans in the leadership hierarchy - number three Democrat James Clyburn is the other - for the first time ever.

But on Monday, Moulton, who declined a request for an interview through a spokesman, would not concede defeat.

"People have spoken. They're looking for shifts in leadership, they're looking for some generational change, " Hayes said. She'll be the only one who ran for, and won, the nomination for speaker.

The first woman to wield the speaker's gavel, from 2007 to 2011, when Democrats last held the House majority, she is poised to return to a role few men have had twice - most recently, legendary Speaker Sam Rayburn a half-century ago.

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