Migrant woman impaled after trying to scale U.S.-Mexico border wall

A Peaceful Demonstration Turns Ugly at US Border

Mexico deports scores of Central American migrants

In the meantime, the military and border agents are still working on strengthening the border fence.

At least one man was wounded.

Mexican security forces stepped up their presence at the complex where thousands from the migrant caravan have been sheltered, apparently seeking to avoid a repeat of Sunday's ugly scene. His comments to Politico and the Post came amid a White House meeting on Tuesday with House Republicans, who control the chamber until Democrats take over in January.

If he doesn't receive his desired funding, Trump also threatened in an interview with The Washington Post to increase physical security at the border, which has been the site of increasingly tense clashes between migrants and US border officials in recent days, including the use of tear gas and pepper spray against members of the migrant caravan.

"I can not agree on the use of force, not even that type of force that is tear gas or rubber bullets", he said. "It's very safe", he later added.

Steve Scalise and Kevin McCarthy, expressed support on Tuesday for the $5 billion that Trump requested, which they said he was adamant about getting.

Members of the "migrant caravan" now camped out in Tijuana, Mexico, just across the border from San Diego, California, told MSNBC late Tuesday that they were told making entrance into the United States would be much easier and that they're ready to make the long journey back home.

Trump sticks with old playbook in return to campaign trail
Hyde-Smith has made some controversial comments during her campaign, including making a reference to a " public hanging ". Is she facing other issues? The Senate race is expected to drive a higher-than-usual turnout for a runoff in Mississippi.

"They grab a child because they think they'll have a certain status by having a child". He has expressed alarm at the caravans of migrants that have travelled from Central America to the border in the spring and autumn, authorizing the deployment of National Guard and US military troops to support southern border enforcement efforts.

He also said he saw mostly adult men in the mobs, and women and children were "very few". All of Sinclair's 173 local television stations were required to run the segment, according to reports. US Customs and Border Protection said on Sunday that some migrants were throwing rocks at Border Patrol agents, prompting the agents to respond with force to protect themselves.

The Mexican federal government - with a new president due to be installed Saturday - or the United Nations must step in, the mayor said, to "give us shelter, give them food, water, medicines, everything that a person needs to be dignified and have a place where they can stay dignified".

"We are for strong border security. Congress, fund the WALL!"

Tensions on the border have been running high following the groups' extensive trek to the United States - with President Donald Trump citing incidents over the weekend as part of his desire for Congress to fund a border wall. -Mexican border if Mexico does not deport some 7,000 Central Americans gathered there. These included 29 cases in which tear gas was used and 43 incidents of pepper spray.

Migrants hoping to apply for asylum in the United States must put their names on a waiting list that already had some 3,000 people on it before the caravan arrived in Tijuana. 'We've got a problem before us. "We were like sheep without a shepherd at the border", she says, "but we never started the violence". One group that was chanting and waving a Honduran flag, he said, threw rocks at several officers.

"Why is a parent running up into an area where they know the tear gas is forming and it's going to be formed and they were running up with a child?" the president asked.

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