Jose Mourinho celebrated Manchester United's winning goal by attacking water bottles

Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez The Canadian Press

This was not the first and is unlikely to be the last time that we see United win a match in this fashion, but what does Mourinho's use of Fellaini say about his tactics and general management at Old Trafford?

United must trigger a 12-month option on De Gea's current contract, which expires at the end of this season, before Jan. 1 to prevent him from being able to talk to foreign suitors in January.

Jose Mourinho has told Manchester United to prove they are a big club and push the boat out to keep David De Gea.

The Frenchman had scored twice in the corresponding fixture in Berne when United won 3-0 and it looked from the opening exchanges, as Rashford chipped over when one-on-one with goalkeeper David von Ballmoos, as if it could be a similarly comfortable night for United.

"So I'm pretty sure that a proper football manager would never criticise another one for emotional reactions on the touchline because it's deja vu for them".

A late goal against Young Boys helps, but it doesn't convince those who think United have serious problems that all is well.

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"It's frustrating because what I want is the team to start strong, is the team to go strong on the opponent, not to be waiting, not to be reactive but proactive", Mourinho said, having also said his side are "not very good on second balls".

"I've played Champions League 14 times and qualified [for the last 16] 14 times", he said.

Marcos Rojo - yet to play a minute this term - is also absent for the United manager, who has made his frustration clear at the club's failure to reinforce the defence over the summer. "I can't sit here and say this team is entertaining us". And I said 'yeah, hell yeah I'm angry.

"But I think maybe it's better to have lots of holidays in Barbados and go to the television screens and touch the electronic dummies".

Lukaku did add, however, that he was one of Mourinho's "favourites" in the United squad.

And it appeared Mourinho was still in a spiky mood immediately after the game. Gary Lineker said in the BT Sport studio as a former centre-forward. "Tonight, you had Marcus Rashford playing as a nine - that's what you want, that's what you ask for all the time and you had. If you can not deal with that, that's a big problem".

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