WikiLeaks Bets $1M Julian Assange, Manafort Never Met

Thomas Barrack

Report: Paul Manafort Met With Julian Assange Months Before WikiLeaks Published DNC Emails

Embattled former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort said Tuesday that he has never met privately with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and threatened to sue the Guardian for reporting that he has.

In an internal document obtained by The Guardian, the country's Senain intelligence agency describes Paul Manafort as one of several well-known guests to visit Assange at London's Ecuadorian embassy, along with unspecified "Russians". "I've never heard of the Embassy failing to log an Assange visitor, and the Guardian is asking us to believe all three alleged visits, across several years, were not logged".

"I would say it's a good hypothesis that he never meant to cooperate and that he's angling for a pardon at some point in time", Wisenberg said.

He also said that he wouldn't expect the president to pardon Manafort right away, if at all, since he's facing a slew of state charges.

Manafort "held secret talks with Julian Assange inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and visited around the time he joined Trump's campaign", The Guardian reports.

CNN reports that Mr Mueller is also investigating whether Wikileaks or Mr Assange were discussed during a 2017 meeting between Mr Manafort and Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno.

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Manafort, who was convicted on unrelated tax and banking-fraud charges brought by Special Counsel Robert Mueller earlier this year, unequivocally denied any connection to the secretive organization. It was Mueller's biggest victory to date, since Manafort could provide valuable information about any cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation. "I have never reached out to Assange or Wikileaks on any matter", Manafort said in a statement released by his legal team.

Manafort reportedly violated his plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller by lying to prosecutors, and now this report and WikiLeaks' $1 million denial has come forward. The next month they hacked into the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic National Committee.

But the vagueness of the sourcing left many journalists extremely wary of running with such a politically charged story without corroboration beyond an unnamed but supposedly "well-placed" source, an unverified intelligence document, and other anonymous officials.

"I don't know about it and if I don't know about it, he doesn't know it", Giuliani told the Daily News. Townsend requested a few days to respond.

Part of that probe has involved looking into whether any of Trump's associates may have had advance notice before WikiLeaks published emails stolen by Russian hackers from Democratic computer networks to damage Trump rival Hillary Clinton.

He then launched into an attack on Mueller's investigation and team of prosecutors, who he claimed are unduly coercing Manafort.

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