LGBTQ community grateful for public Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade kiss

Beware the skies on Turkey Day

Thanksgiving parade balloons face possible grounding over wind forecast

Local broadcaster NY1 says its forecast calls for sustained 17-mile-per-hour winds, with gusts of up to 28 miles per hour. Oh, and Santa Claus, of course.

The police department is monitoring wind gauges along the 2-½ mile (3.22-kilometer) parade route and will order the 16 helium-filled balloons to a lower altitude or removed entirely if wind speeds reach unsafe levels.

Even with all the handlers, Goku briefly met his match when a strong gust of wind almost blew the giant balloon away early this morning.

Bystanders refused to let cold temperatures put a damper on watching the parade, breaking out the blankets and sleeping bags to watch the giant balloons go by.

The Ohio State University Marching Band tweeted photos of them on their way to NYC, and then some of them taking in the sights. There were VIP tickets on sale prior to the event, but they have since sold out, meaning anyone without a ticket will have to find themselves a spot at the parade.

A Grinch float hovers above the crowd.

Dylan Mahoney, who has come to the parade every year for the past dozen years, said he stayed warm by layering, including several pairs of socks.

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Thanksgiving 2018 is upon us, and it's an icy one for people living in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. The gay couple's sign of affection aired live on television, as Americans nationwide waited to watch the 16 giant character balloons including SpongeBob and Charlie Brown.

"I'm thankful I get to perform on the coldest freaking Thanksgiving ever... live!".

Diana Ross is such an icon that she totally lip synched without a microphone at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and fans are loving her all the more for it.

According to Macy's, Goku is 17.07m tall and as wide as seven taxis, an enjoyably specific unit of measurement I'd like to see used for other things. Like many Thanksgiving day parades, the one in Chicago parade will also have performances, marching bands, floats and more.

Police Commissioner James O'Neill said thousands of officers will be stationed along the parade route.

The floats and marchers stepped off from Central Park West and 77th Street at 9 a.m.

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