Google acknowledges the benefits of Dark Mode on battery life

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Similarly, Google also acknowledged the fact that white hue drew maximum power while black barely used any power at all.

Google's Android Dev Summit zeroed in on "the cost of a pixel color" yesterday where it revealed how much various colors in apps tax a battery. With Android Oreo, Google added a dark mode that activated based on the wallpaper you were using.

Indeed. When I first saw Files Go, I noted that Google should simply include this app in the stock Android software image.

Google explained to the developers present at the conference how Dark Mode saves energy and presented a chart. To compare, in 2017, on average 0.09 percent of devices that exclusively used Google Play had one or more PHAs installed. It shows that at 50-percent brightness, it's only a 14-percent difference, between dark and normal mode. Since most high-end phones use OLED panels, there's no backlight that has to be on all the time. That might change in the coming days as more Google apps will likely start offering dark theme options.

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Since the inception of Google's "Material Design" initiative, the company had been pushing for the use of colour white, thus, encouraging designers to use white as their primary colour for all apps and interfaces. It also makes it easy to swap in different colors. So if you're serious about saving battery, dark mode on YouTube is definitely worth toggling on. Next, tap Advanced and scroll down until you find Device theme; tap it, followed by Dark.

This is because OLED screens aren't backlit like LCDs, with a uniform level of brightness lighting up all the pixels. As well as more closely resembling other Google apps, the redesigned Files by Google has a look that is cleaner and more modern. The name change is meant to reflect the app's ability to help facilitate a smartphone owner's needs no matter which device they are using.

It's also adding some new features, including a redesigned user interface and celebratory notifications for those times when you save storage space. Expect to see dark themes showing up in a lot of your apps and every single Google app going forward.

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