6 injured after Fly Jamaica flight headed to Toronto crash-lands in Guyana

Boeing jet crash-lands at Guyana airport 6 people injured

Eric Piermont

The Fly Jamaica flight made an emergency landing at Cheddi Jagan International Airport, in Georgetown, at about 02:00 local time (06:00 GMT).

The Fly Jamaica Airways plane was bound for Toronto when it suffered a hydraulic problem shortly after takeoff and returned to the airport, crashing and skidding off the runway, Transportation Minister David Patterson said.

Those injured are in non-life-threatening condition and being treated in hospital.

The 118 passengers on board the Boeing 757-200 included 82 Canadians.

The plane landed at Georgetown, Guyana's Cheddi Jagan airport at about 2:53 a.m. local time (1:53 a.m. ET), overshooting a recently extended runway, officials said.

Six passengers have been injured after a Canada-bound plane crash-landed in Guyana.

Boeing issues operational manual to airlines following Lion Air crash
To avoid having the problem repeat, pilots may deactivate the stabilizer trim system, according to The Air Current's explanation. Even with modern Global Positioning System tracking, planes need to calculate their precise speed through the air.

Boeing Co is looking into the incident, a spokesman said. One of the aircraft's turbines is seen badly damaged after it apparently hit the barrier.

All Canadian passengers aboard a Toronto-bound flight with a mechanical problem escaped injury when their plane skidded off the runway at Guyana's main worldwide airport, federal officials said Friday.

On landing, the emergency services were activated and since then an investigator from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority has taken responsibility for the crash site.

Fly Jamaica Airways was certified by the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) in September 2012, and was cleared to operate in the United States by USA authorities in December.

Earlier this week, Boeing sent out a safety bulletin to operators of its 737 Max jets - after a Lion Air flight using this model suffered a fatal crash, killing all 189 people on board.

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