Petition Circulating To Move Halloween To A Saturday

Should Halloween be moved to the last Saturday in October?

Petition Circulating To Move Halloween To A Saturday

Previous year she and a group of friends also did the whole "Thriller" dance at a Halloween party, further proving her dedication to the holiday.

Check out all the best celebrity Halloween costumes from 2018 in the gallery below!

For many of us, Halloween is a big deal. for parents it's an even bigger deal.

In some years, with today being a pretty good example, Halloween falls on a weeknight.

Now one group has launched a petition for Halloween to be moved to the last Saturday every October. the petition addressed to the white house already has more than 41,000 signatures and it's growing fast.

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This uncertainty when it comes to Halloween has become such a major problem that a USA based petition to change what day the spooky holiday falls on is already underway, and it's gaining some pretty massive attention.

The Saturday Halloween Movement petition claims there are "3,800 Halloween-related injuries each year" and "82 percent of parents don't use high visibility aids" on their kids' costumes, like glow sticks or reflective tape.

In the end, Halloween is not a federal the government doesn't really have a lot to do with it.

Recent years have seen a growing number of "trunk or treat" events held various days throughout the month to offer safer alternatives to the traditional neighborhood-roaming trick or treating.

"It can be a late night sometimes, and they're crabby in the morning, and school starts very early here, so I would totally love if it was always on a weekend", Bremer said.

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