Get your first look at the 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Adventure Mode

Watch the Final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct Live!

Watch the final pre-launch ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Nintendo Direct right here

People were anxious that Ultimate was "just a port" but this is looking like the biggest Smash game yet by a huge margin: and I'm not even factoring the roster in at this point. The game supports a variety of controller options, including Nintendo GameCube controllers (original or newly designed), Joy-Con controllers or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

One of the bigger reveals in today's Smash Direct was easily the game's new Spirits feature that's connected to the Adventure Mode.

DLC has been confirmed for the game that will be out post launch.

In addition, the presentation revealed that the Smash World app is in development for release on iOS and Android in 2019.

The Pokémon franchise's Incineroar will join the game as the Echo Fighter for Ryu.

Nintendo also promised future expansions of more characters through downloadable fighter passes.

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Monster Hunter's Rathalos will be the game series' first character that will be both a boss and assist trophy.

A third character was also announced in the form of a Piranha Planet (who transforms into Petey Piranha as his Final Smash) but he's a pre-order bonus and won't be available until a few months after the game's release.

We also hope to learn more about the Spirits mode that Nintendo hinted at in its last Direct.

The game's modes will include Classic Mode, Stamina Battle, Squad Strike, Tourney Mode, Smashdown, and Training.

At least five fighters will be added to the game, with each one available together with a new stage and new music for £5.39.

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