This is the all new iPad Pro 12.9 for 2018

New iPad Pro, Macs, and more: The rumors ahead of Apple's Oct. 30 event

Here's what to expect from Apple's October 30 event: New iPad Pro, MacBook Air and AirPods 2

Considering the iMac Pro got an update recently, the new all-in-ones unveiled on Tuesday (if there are any) are likely to be lower-specced. There's still a lot we don't know about these devices, though, and Tuesday will be the day for filling in the blanks.

All of Apple's Mac computers released since April 2015 have shipped with at least one USB-C port, with the MacBook and MacBook Pro shunning all other ports for the multipurpose connector. But Bloomberg believes that the low-priced, barebones computer, which ships without a screen, keyboard, or mouse, is on deck to get a "pro" upgrade like the iMac did.

The new iPas Pro is also reportedly dropping Apple's Lightning charging format in favour of the USB-C system already used in the Apple MacBook and in most new Android smartphones.

If anyone still needs to be convinced that the iPad Pro series is about to undergo a major facelift, the most compelling evidence yet has come to light. Allegedly, there'll be an updated Apple Pencil and, as with the new iPhones, nearly edge-to-edge screens and slimmer bezels. In fact, that event might be a dumping ground for all that fans were expecting last month that never materialized, including new MacBooks and even an upgraded Mac Mini.

Alongside the new iPad Pro, it's possible Apple will announce a handful of new accessories. The new Apple Pencil might also use the W1 wireless chip for easier pairing, and possibly even feature magnetic connectivity so that it can be attached and stored on the side of the new iPad Pros. Just this week, Kuo published an analyst note wherein the iPad Mini line is still alive.

The A12 Bionic that's tucked inside the new iPhone Xs and XR is, without doubt, one of the fastest processors now on the market.

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A new entry-level laptop to replace the ageing MacBook Air - the company's entry-level laptop that Steve Jobs originally pulled out of a manila envelope a decade ago.

Apple's smallest desktop computer, the Mac Mini, has not seen an update since 2014 and is still sold with fourth-generation Intel Core chips. This time around, according to the most credible rumors, the Cupertino crew is ready to show off what could be music to your ears: new Macs and iPads.

It is also suggested that the iPads will be more expensive than their predecessors - so north of a grand, then. Between the location of the event and the subtle hints that Apple is known for leaving in its invites, it's safe to say this event is going to be focused on creating.

According to tech blogger Sonny Dickson, the AirPower charging mat suffered from overheating issues which, among other complications, reduced charging speeds as devices get too hot.

Creating on Apple products, of course. As usual, there'll be a live stream available on the Apple website.

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