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Trevor Noah Thinks He’s Come Up With The Perfect Way To Stop GOP Voter Suppression

Abrams' camp at the time said her comments were taken out of context. Kemp and Georgia Republicans concocted an "exact-match" law where anyone's name on their government-issued IDs must precisely match their names as listed on the voter rolls, and Ted Enamorado of The Washington Post found that as many as 30% of voters in America's 8th largest state could be ineligible to vote under this law (totaling nearly a million people).

During a segment Tuesday on the Georgia race, Kilmeade said that it "makes a little bit more sense" to burn the Georgia flag because it contained the Confederate "stars and bars" logo, added to the flag during the 1950s as a negative response to the civil rights activism of the era.

Abrams said Kemp's record as secretary of state "causes great concern" and pointed to the release of voter data under Kemp's watch and the state's "exact match" voter registration system, which has left tens of thousands of voter registrations "pending" due to inconsistencies. "I took an action of peaceful protest".

"She's lying about my record", he said, "to hide her extreme agenda".

Booker is New Jersey's first African-American U.S. senator.

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Abrams accused Kemp of scaring people away from the polls.

While she normally votes on Election Day, Abrams says it was important to vote early this time given the focus on it this year.

Kemp vehemently denied allegations of working to suppress the minority vote, calling the accusations "a farce". Abrams, who was speaking at a phone bank launch, can be seen and heard in the video listing an assortment of groups, including undocumented immigrants, who would benefit from a "blue wave" of Democratic victories in November. Tonight she responded by saying "I have never in my life asked anyone ineligible to vote for me". I don't simply mean that both major-party candidates repeated points they've made throughout the campaign.

Election cycles can be exhausting. Abrams had previously been endorsed by former presidents Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter, former Vice President Joe Biden, and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Kemp called the suggestion "absurd" and accused Abrams - who wants to expand Medicaid under Obamacare in Georgia but does not support a "Medicare-for-all" single payer plan for the state - of effectively seeking to destroy Medicare and Medicaid in its current forms. "It's a bipartisan proven solution that even Gov. Mike Pence did in the state of in".

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