AP White House reporter: Midterms a tale of two maps

President Trump pushes for Republicans to make immigration a mid-term issue as 3,000 refugees head toward the U.S. border

Honduran migrants walking to the U.S. start their day departing Chiquimula Guatemala Wednesday Oct. 17 2018

According to a Republican aide who speaks with Trump regularly, the President is expected to "say something like, 'Paul Ryan chose to be a lame duck speaker instead of leaving, which cost Congress the chance to do several things before November, '" Politico reported.

Trump recently slammed Democrats via Twitter, accusing them of being an "angry ruthless unhinged mob determined to get power by any means necessary".

After a multitude of marches, demonstrations and angry protests that followed Trump's surprise presidential victory, this will be the first chance for USA voters angered by the real estate billionaire's policies and personal behavior to express themselves at the ballot box.

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday called the upcoming midterm elections a fight for "the soul of America" during a swing through Florida campaigning for Democrats running for governor and the U.S. Senate. Don't boo, he told them - just vote. "The waste, fraud and abuse are plain to see". If the Democrats take control by a comfortable margin, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi likely will become House Speaker, he said.

Republicans who were less inclined to vote have ben rallied, and seats in danger zones are looking more fragile.

Senate Democrats say most of their candidates in top races are women, including seven going against Republican men.

Trump would prefer to pick a woman for U.N. envoy
In front of a crowd of about 700, including Mayor Bill de Blasio, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, and Gov. Several weeks ago, Trump announced that Haley would leave her post at the end of 2018.

Cummings said he would take a "two-lane" approach, examining Trump's businesses and potential conflicts of interests, while also probing "day-to-day" issues such as prescription drug pricing, voter suppression and questions about citizenship added to the 2020 U.S. Census. This kind of politics is not just conservative, he said.

Cummings would also examine the use of private email at the White House by Trump's son-in-law and aide Jared Kushner, aides said. Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen is challenging Republican incumbent Dean Heller, the only Republican senator up for re-election in a state that Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

The oversight panel later sent a bipartisan letter to the White House seeking information on Kushner's emails but got no response.

"That never happens in Washoe", said a local newspaper editor after Democrats outpaced GOP voters by 600 ballots. The judiciary and intelligence committees could then use the returns to dig into whether Trump got anything of value from foreigners or had business ties to Russian Federation.

Though Roosevelt went on to win a third term in 1940 and then a fourth in 1944 - when it was still possible for a president to run for more than two terms - in the 1938 midterms, the Republicans gained 72 seats in the House of Representatives.

"In terms of important politicians from NY, I don't think you had any time like the present going back to F.D.R.", William T. Cunningham, former adviser to both Michael Bloomberg and Daniel Patrick Moynihan said.

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