White House Aides 'Hugely Embarrassed' By Trump's Lunch With Kanye: NYT Reporter

President Trump calls Kanye West a 'genius' ahead of their meeting with Jim Brown bill signing with Kid Rock

President Trump waves upon arrival at the White House on Wednesday evening

"So we made a updated hat that said, Imake [sic] America great, and Trump wore the hat so he is open to adjusting and listening". "So I think this was about Trump and the white community, not about anything to do with minorities".

"You made a Superman cape for me", he told Trump. As CNN's Clay Cane noted, there have been allegations that "Trump is exploiting Kanye West, who has admitted to having mental health issues, by inviting the press to witness his gesticulating and f-bomb throwing in the Oval Office".

"I remember", said Nicolle Wallace, a former staffer at the Bush White House.

After telling people about "Make America Great", West told people in the Apple store that he was heading to Africa and exited the store.

And indeed it was: The topics ranged from prison reform to the economy, and West covered the gamut.

Noah: "I'm not a fan of this new Kanye West, but I will say I really enjoyed seeing Kanye make Trump feel the way Trump makes us feel every single day".

Upon entering the Oval Office, West ran up to the president to hug him, later saying, "I love this man right here!"

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"And in the middle of Hurricane Michael, this guy says, 'I like you!'" Chris Wallace said.

Asked what the two had talked about during their December meeting, West responded briefly that time: "Life".

Kanye thinks that the President needs to get on to his boys down at Apple HQ and have them hook him up with one of their concept planes that they must be storing in a secret development base somewhere, despite Apple not actually. you know, making planes. We are both dragon energy.

"So Kanye West hugged the President, that's the thing that drove everybody insane".

Klavan particularly zeroed in on CNN hosts Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon for their over-the-top language criticizing West, while also highlighting the rapper's persistence in taking on the Left.

After all that, the president brought the show to a close by suggesting, "Let's go have some lunch, OK?"

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