Google's new Pixel phones may find it hard to find buyers

Google Home Hub is all about simplifying the smart home experience

Google Opts Against Android Things For Home Hub Smart Display

Google wants buyers to know it's more than just a search engine.

Google announced its latest smartphones during an event in New York City on Tuesday.

At Google's "Made by Google" keynote, the team announced the highly anticipated Google Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL.

APKs for the local applications on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones are now springing up on the Internet. In the meantime, apps exist like Nacho Notch that can camouflage that notch on any device in the same fashion. Yesterday Google released its 2018 flagship Pixel 3XL, which also houses a notch on the screen. Financial analysts said it is hard to evaluate Google's hardware business as it is overshadowed by profits from search ads. The tablet works with the Android Camera App which makes the quality of the pictures just a little better. Furthermore, the email is said to show a large numeric three transitioning from Black and White to Mint colours.

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"The tie-up with telcos helps to offset the upfront cost for consumers and should make Pixel phones more attractive to consumers in Singapore", she added. The new devices stay true to the design cues from previous Pixel phone releases. Check out the video below, then expect to see this on your Pixel 2 in November. Like always, Google has packed the Pixel 3 with tons of cool tricks to take advantage of the beefy Pixel Visual Core and its second-to-none AI- and ML-powered processing. The camera APK file of this device is now ported for non-pixel devices. There's not one, but two 8-megapixel front-facing snappers this time around.

The Pixel 3 launch event was as much about pushing subscription services as it was about pitching new hardware. However, contrary to Jeff Bezos' smart home device, the Home Hub doesn't come with a camera. Do you like Google's implementation or do you prefer the other way? Call Screen will first verify if a call is spam before handing it over to you. Apple's iPhone XR, which will be open for pre-order on October 19, is Pixel 3′s closest rival in terms of camera system. iPhone XR also comes with a single lens camera system but it can also take portrait mode photos with bokeh effect via a dedicated chip within the phone.

The new Top Shot feature uses the "Motion" technology on Pixel phones to capture a bunch of photos before and after you snap the shutter button.

The Pixel 3 starts at £739 for the 64GB model, moving up to £839 for the 128GB version. We think Google may roll out a software update to enable/disable this feature. Its soft TPU material adds grip without covering up the Pixel 3's beauty, and precise cutouts ensure it doesn't get in the way of the charging port, camera, and speakers.

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