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The wide-ranging report did not give the breakdown of the potential $16 trillion economic impact it estimated by 2030

PM Theresa May appoints ‘world’s first’ minister for suicide prevention

According to the piece, suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth aged 15 to 29. "There's so much support available, asking for help doesn't make you a bad parent". He explained that the systems to regulate emotions are not fully mature in adolescents, making them more vulnerable to external and internal stimuli. Mental health is a prominent issue in both countries and this is recognised in an article1 that draws attention to the need to improve the physical health of people living with mental illness.

Of course, suicide is but one piece of the mental health puzzle - and it is arguably the most extreme manifestation of a disruption to one's mental well-being - but it is imperative we talk about suicide because, as Gaga notes, it is a very "visible symptom of the larger mental health emergency we are so far failing to adequately address".

"And we can give the mental wellbeing of our children the priority it so profoundly deserves".

May has also pledged more support for mental health services for children and young people, as well as funding for the Samaritans' helpline - a confidential 24/7 freephone service.

She said: 'In my time as health minister I have met many people who have been bereaved by suicide and their stories of pain and loss will stay with me for a long time.

Prime Minister Theresa May also pledged £1.8 million ($2.37 million) to the Samaritans-a registered charity to prevent suicides-so they can continue offering free helpline for the next four years.

October 10 was #WorldMentalHealthDay - a day to raise awareness about social stigma on mental health worldwide, an opportunity for all of us to share and speak up about our emotional struggles.

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She said: "I have had my own experience with mental health issues which I only came to terms with at the start of 2018". The construction company has introduced mental health first aiders to its sites across Wales and the West.

The public spending watchdog also warned that the number of young people with a mental health condition is likely to be higher than previously estimated, which will make government ambitions harder to realise.

"From a Government standpoint my Ministry is steadily moving closer towards a long term residential mental health facility that will allow persons to benefit from such treatment on island, surrounded by their family and friends", added Seymour.

Dr Wendy Fernander, president of the Bahamas Pharmaceutical Association, stressed the importance of having good mental health.

Just as the resilience and resourcefulness of young people is often fantastic, what is equally incredible are the levels of distress we as a society expect children and young people (and their families) to tolerate. After working in the industry as a nurse for many years, I changed my focus, and took these basic skills with me to the Behavioral Health Division.

An official audit on one day in March this year revealed that almost 500 people were detained under the Mental Health Act in Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust.

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