America’s image has worsened under Trump, shows survey

Pew: America's Global Image Worsens Again Under Trump

Russia joins the rest of the world in turning against Trump: report

The lowest positive views of Trump were found in Mexico, where just 6 percent of the country expressed confidence in his leadership.

However, the survey by the Pew Research Center released Tuesday also found that, despite the high ratings for the USA, there are concerns in Japan about the trajectory of American power.

The survey was finished in August, several weeks before Canada, the US and Mexico reached a deal to replace the North American free-trade agreement.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel topped the rating of politicians in whom the worldwide community trusts, with 52 percent of people having said they did have confidence in Merkel, Sputnik reported.

Among the countries that bucked the trend, the most significant increase was in Russian Federation, up 11 points, yet it had by far the lowest score under Obama - only 15% of respondents looked on the U.S. favourably at the end of his tenure.

The results provide the latest illustration of global unease over Trump's "America First" agenda, in which he has imposed tariffs, dismissed the value of multilateral institutions and withdrawn from worldwide agreements. It said many people feel the USA doesn't take into account the interests of other countries. 75 percent of Canadians were found to have no confidence or not too much confidence in Trump, as were 80 percent of Swedes, 70 percent of the Brits and 90 percent of both the Germans and French. Numerous countries that expressed the most negative views about China - such as neighbors Japan and South Korea as well as European nations like France and Germany - also had large majorities that said China restricts personal freedom.

Two exceptions to this rule were Israel, where 69 percent had at least some confidence in Trump to do the right thing in global affairs, and the Philippines, which was 78 percent positive.

The drop was even more dramatic for Mr. Trump himself.

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In contrast to Trump, China's President Xi had the confidence of 34 percent of the world, while 56 percent had no confidence in him. Among respondents, 70% said the US was unlikely to take into account the interests of other people and 51% felt America didn't respect the personal freedoms of its own people.

Despite their generally friendly view of Mr Xi, Kenyans strongly prefer U.S. world leadership to that of China, by a 66 to 30 per cent margin.

In Australia - where 52 percent say China is the current leading economic power - almost three-quarters still say they prefer a future where the the world's dominant power.

"Large majorities say the USA doesn't take into account the interests of countries like theirs when making foreign policy decisions".

"It is hard for any administration to succeed in its foreign policy if we lose the battle of public opinion around the world", said R. Nicholas Burns, the third-highest-ranking diplomat during the administration of George W. Bush.

Notwithstanding strong criticism from nations such as Russian Federation and Germany, "O$3 n balance the US still receives positive marks - across the 25 nations polled, a median of 50% have a favorable opinion of the USA, while 43% offer an unfavorable rating".

Allies took a dim view of the Trump administration's position on civil liberties, with majorities in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and Mexico saying the government did not respect the personal freedoms of its people.

The survey was conducted between May and August, and based on interviews with more than 900 people in each of the surveyed countries.

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