Black Mirror season 5 to feature choose-your-own-adventure episode



This will include the Minecraft interactive TV series that Netflix has developed together with now-defunct game studio Telltale Games.

Black Mirror isn't the only Netflix entity where viewers will be allowed to have a say in what comes next.

In addition to the interactive episode of Black Mirror, Netflix is also developing other original projects based around that idea as well.

This won't be the first time Netflix has rolled out an interactive TV show, though.

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The new season of Black Mirror is set to be released in December 2019, so you don't have too long to wait. The company has reportedly already signed a deal for another adult live-action choose-your-adventure type project and has more that are now in negotiations.

Multi-path content can certainly make shows more interesting, but they require a lot more production work than traditional series. Season 4 premiered at the very end of previous year, on December 29th, which means that Season 5 could follow suit. Consumer experience is paramount at Netflix, which employs executives who test everything from the quality of mobile networks in Mumbai to Brazilians' preferences for subtitles versus dubbing. Mosaic, a six-part murder mystery by Steven Soderbergh was released with interactive options on the HBO app though in that program viewer choice only impacted what perspective the story was told from, not the actual plot.

Despite a few outliers, Netflix's interactive adventures are nearly universally compatible with modern smart devices, and now only needs some universally appealing content to entice potential viewers.

The caveat to the Netflix news is that, while nearly all smartphones work with this type of content, only certain TVs and streaming players are compatible with Netflix's interactive adventures - Chromecast and Apple TV do not, for example.

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