The first look at Joaquin Phoenix as the joker is pretty unsettling

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Todd Phillips Reveals First Look at Joaquin Phoenix in ‘Joker’ Movie

While further details about Arthur before he becomes the Gotham City supervillain are now unknown, it is rumored his character will be a failed standup comedian caring for his ill, overbearing mother in the origin film. The Joker has, of course, used many aliases over the years, but most have always involved a "J" somewhere (Jack Napier, Jack White etc.), so it's something of a departure for this incarnation to omit the letter entirely.

"Arthur", Phillips captioned the image of Phoenix, who stares at the camera - unsmiling and without the titular villain's signature clown makeup. The film also stars Robert De Niro in a supporting role, who played the lead in both King of Comedy and Taxi Driver to great acclaim.

Phoenix characterized the standalone Joker as not belonging to any specific genre, saying the film doesn't fit into the scope of a superhero movie or a studio movie. The pic shows Phoenix looking at the camera, with a slight smile on his visage. It will explore the life of a man destined to become Gotham City's Clown Prince of Crime. It looks like a screen test of Phoenix with a stern look through his long brown hair. It is the complete opposite of the version that Jared Leto gave to fans, but that look was over-the-top and also turned many fans off.

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Set to be directed by Todd Phillips, the upcoming Joker Origins film will serve as a prequel to Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight which came out in 2008 and Joaquin Phoenix will be portraying the role of menacing Joker, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

Joker is filming right now, and is set to be released in October.

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