Tesla Shares Tumble as Executives Leave the Company

Credit You Tube  PowerfulJRE

Credit You Tube PowerfulJRE

Later Musk says he doesn't notice any effect from the joint, which he claims he rarely smokes.

Moody's Investor Service downgraded Tesla's debt into junk territory back in March, warning that Tesla won't have cash to cover $3.7 billion for normal operations, capital expenses and debt that comes due early next year. Morton, who joined Tesla on August 6, was quoted in a company filing on Friday saying he believes "strongly" in Tesla and that he had no disagreements with the company's leadership or its financial reporting.

Running Tesla is his "hardest" job, he told Rogan.

Late Wednesday night, Musk smoked marijuana and drank whiskey on a livestreamed podcast interview with comedian Joe Rogan in Los Angeles, where marijuana is legal.

FILE- In this June 24, 2018, file photo Tesla CEO and founder of the Boring Company Elon Musk speaks at a news conference in Chicago.

The episode also raised concern about Musk's health.

The vehicle company has struggled to scale up production of its Model 3 sedan, which has been hit by a number of delays, intensifying the pressure on Musk.

The stoned conversation between Rogan and Musk sounded like typical liberal arts college dorm room fodder, despite taking place between an MMA bro and the world's richest edge lord.

What's your take on Elon Musk's podcast appearance?

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"Losing a chief accounting officer so quickly at a time when the company's finances are under pressure does not give good optics", said Mike Ramsey, an automotive analyst at Gartner. "You probably can't because of stockholders, right?"

The company's head of accounting, Dave Morton, and head of human resources, Gaby Toledano, announced they were leaving the company.

He may have been referring to the ongoing spat with Unsworth, which may culminate in a lawsuit or even the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission investigation he triggered when he suggested on Twitter that Tesla might go private.

But McNealy said that life at the helm of a big company - particularly one that has relied so heavily upon government subsidies and tax dollars - can be very stressful. Several analysts have argued the company needs to hire a chief operating officer to help management the company and bring stability to its day-to-day operations.

Musk has made Tesla's brand inseparable from his own image.

Two weeks ago, VP of Communications Sarah O'Brien also announced her resignation. Now that Tesla is remaining a public company, it will be up to its board to determine if and how his role might change.

He had previously argued it would be detrimental to the existence of humanity but conceded the future of artificial intelligence was now outside of human control.

When discussing Musk's proclivity towards invention and innovation, the entrepreneur said that he first became aware that he was different around five or six years old. "There's no point in being pessimistic".

"I mean, it's legal, right?" replied Musk.

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