Trump critical of Nike's Kaepernick campaign

Nike Customers Are Burning Their Clothes Due To Kaepernick Decision

Nike shares drop amid calls for a boycott after Colin Kaepernick deal

"Even if it means sacrificing everything." - with some even burning their Nike shoes and cutting the swoosh logo off their socks and shorts. But during that other 5 percent, his shamelessness - and utter dearth of impulse control - renders him the most disarmingly (and self-destructively) honest public figure in modern memory.

Nike's flagship store had been located ata Trump property next to Trump Tower in New York City, but it closed that location.

Meanwhile, some local athletes, including members of the Dallas Cowboys, have taken to social media to offer their support toward Kaepernick and other recent Nike ads.

Williams, who is sponsored by Nike, has been a supporter of Kaepernick and he was at Flushing Meadows on Friday to see her defeat sister Venus in the third round.

Kaepernick began kneeling during the pregame playing of the national anthem in 2016 to raise awareness about police brutality against African-Americans.

Nike has received some backlash for its ad campaign. She said it was a valuable lesson for her students at the College of Southern Maryland, where she teaches. When asked about his thoughts on Nike's partnership with Kaepernick, Davis said that he's all for it.

Gov. Dan Patrick weighed in with a Facebook post saying, "It is shocking that a company the size of Nike doesn't understand that the overwhelming majority of their customers stand for the National Anthem".

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He continued, "But I think as far as sending a message, I think it's a bad message and a message that shouldn't be sent".

The Latest on Colin Kaepernick's Nike deal.

He noted how his mother had raised him alone and had given him "a sense of pride, a sense of strength, a sense of no worry".

"You divided La Plata and had your community attacking each other for a 'social experiment.' You don't manipulate people in that way", one person responded. But she did, he said.

"What I stand for and what I do just comes straight from the heart", said James, via the Hollywood Reporter.

Also honored at the ceremony were Harlem streetwear designer Dapper Dan and stylist Jason Rembert.

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