Halle Berry jokes about teenage Prince Harry's dorm room poster of her

Princess Diana in yet another USA-themed sweatshirt. 

STR New Reuters Princess Diana in yet another USA-themed sweatshirt

Back in 2003, presumable Harry's senior year, a bunch of professional photos were taken of the prince on campus, and they're Incredible with a capital "I".

Halle Berry isn't the only woman featured in Prince Harry's dorm room.

In his case, it was Oscar-winning actress and former Bond girl, Halle Berry.

Most people noticed how typical the early-2000s dorm looked.

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The star, 52, reposted the photo on Twitter, poking fun at the Duke of Sussex, writing, "Ok #PrinceHarry, I see you!" Full of wit, Berry used the #HalleBerryPosta hashtag inspired by lyrics from Missy Elliott's 2002 smash hit "Work It". She added emphasis with the "laughing hysterically" emoji.

Who doesn't have a crush on Halle Berry, right?

In what appears to be a photo series capturing the young Prince's time at the exclusive private boys school, a then-18-year-old Harry gave photographers a tour through his halls, his classrooms, and most interestingly, his dorm room.

The photographer who captured that image took several other pictures that day showing the young royal - dressed in the white shirt, bow tie and striped trousers that make up a part of the traditional Eton uniform - writing at his desk, gazing out the window, and even polishing his cadet combat boots on his bed.

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