Gay couple: Ben Stokes defended us from homophobic abuse

Nasser Hussain

Credits to England but it was difficult pitch to bat on says Nasser Hussain Images Courtesy Getty Images

I have no problem with players celebrating victories but to not have the wherewithal or maturity to get out of that situation shows there is still a lot of work to be done with Ben as a person.

"The past 11 months have served to highlight to Ben just how highly he values his position as an England representative, both in terms of the privilege that role entails and the responsibilities that accompany it".

A gay couple have defended England cricketer Ben Stokes after he was found not guilty over a fight.

He said his memory of the evening was "incomplete" because of the head injury he suffered when he was knocked out by Stokes.

Stokes said he would have had a bottle of beer after the match, two or three pints at the hotel, five or six vodka and lemonades and then "potentially had some Jagerbombs" in Mbargo. He also mocked two gay men before getting knocking the two men - Ryan Ali and Ryan Hale - unconscious.

Ali then delivered a glancing blow to the shoulder of Kai Barry, a gay man who was out with friend William O'Connor in the Clifton Triangle area of Bristol in the early hours of September 25 a year ago.

The England and Wales Cricket Board said it "will make an assessment of Ben Stokes' availability after the trial in Bristol has concluded".

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Ryan Ali, who was also charged with affray, has also been acquitted.

"I would have to perceive a significant threat to do that".

"When I realised who he was, I thought fair place, 'cos he's obviously put his career at risk for someone that he never knew". He said the cricketer had approached when he saw "how homophobic [the people] were and how nasty they came across".

"As soon as I see Mr Ali swing the bottle and physically hit them that's when I took the decision to get involved", Stokes said.

The end of the court proceedings means that Stokes could, in theory, be cleared to play in the third Test against India starting in Nottingham on Saturday.

"Considerable detail has been heard in this week-long court case and, in due course, there will be a range of matters for the Board to fully consider".

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