Perseid Meteor Shower peaks this weekend

This Weekend Is The Perseid Meteor Show - Viewing Conditions Will Be Perfect

Yahoo News explains: Where can you see the Perseid meteor shower?

Stargazers could be treated to awesome views across Britain on Saturday night with Perseid meteors set to light up the night sky.

It's the biggest meteor shower of the year, so you better stay up late and grab your binoculars.

The Perseid meteor shower will peak this weekend between the night of Saturday, August 11, and the morning of Monday, August 13.

Once evening falls Sunday, expect to see a meteor, or a "shooting star", streaking across the sky every few minutes.

And in some places, a sky free from clouds will not automatically mean a good view for the meteors.

The Perseids are caused by the Earth passing through a comet's debris field, according to the American Meteor Society.

Known for its fast and bright meteors, the annual Perseid meteor shower is anticipated to be one of the best potential meteor viewing opportunities this year. "Moon is to set at 7.12pm Doha time", the expert added.

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The shower occurs every year between July 17 and August 24, and tends to peak around August 9 to 13.

Unfortunately, it's expected to be mostly cloudy for most of us at that time. The radiant, or area where the meteors will appear, will be located just above the constellation Perseus. If you're out looking for meteors in the city, it's worth finding the darkest spot you can, far from streetlights, and getting your eyes used to the dark for a half hour or so.

The shower that we see from Earth is the little bits of ice and dust - that are usually no bigger than a pea - hitting the Earth's atmosphere at a staggering 134,000 miles per hour.

The Wye Marsh Wildife Centre on Hwy 12 in Midland is hosting a Perseid Meteor Viewing Event. Smoke from the California wildfires that now covers parts of the western US may create hazy sky conditions capable of significantly dimming bright stars - and bright meteors.

Where is the best place to view them?

As long as it's a clear night, the meteors will be visible to the naked eye.

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