Death toll from California fires rises to 10

Maryland firefighters head west to battle wildfires

California May Face Worst Fire Season

The Holy Fire is just one of several fires burning in California, which have displaced tens of thousands of people.

Witness statements, physical evidence and burn patterns connect Clark to the fire, said Shane Sherwood with the Orange County Fire Authority. One then swoops in low behind a row of houses before opening its bay doors and dumping its load of flame retardant liquid over the ground.

Fire officials said Friday morning the fire has burned approximately 18,137 acres, an increase of more than 8,000 acres in the last 24 hours.

A helicopter drops water to protect a home at the Holy Fire in Lake Elsinore, California, southeast of Los Angeles, on August 10, 2018.

The Mendocino Complex fires have grown to become the largest fire in state history, spreading over an area of 469 square miles.

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Cal Fire Battalion Chief Jonathan Cox said the area has few natural barriers to slow flames and terrain that firefighters can't get to.

"For those wondering about containment, the hand/containment line grows as the fire grows".

A California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection mechanic who was assigned to the Carr fire died in a vehicle crash in Tehama County early Thursday morning, the eighth death connected to the furious blaze that has scorched roughly 177,000 acres in the Redding area, officials said.

He has also been charged with threatening neighbours - one of whom lost his cabin in the fire - and resisting arrest.

Forrest Clark 51 was arrested and charged with arson in relation to one of the wildfires burning in California
Northwest Wildfires Threaten Homes & Hundreds Of Lives

A man who identified himself as Clark spoke with a freelance video news crew the same day, telling them he had been terrorized by gangs and that "they told me they were going to send eight Mexicans, big Mexicans, and they were going to kill me". If found guilty, he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. "Later, he came back and told me what a jerk I was and everyone was after him".

Institute. Those areas had previously been under voluntary evacuation orders.

The mandatory evacuation orders were issued as the blaze, dubbed the "Holy fire", threatened homes around Lake Elsinore in Orange County.

Orange County sheriff's deputies received a call reporting "erratic behavior" by Clark on July 23 and placed him on a psychiatric hold, said Carrie Braun, a department spokeswoman.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen asked residents to prepare for future emergencies and thanked firefighters and other personnel battling California's deadliest wildfire this year.

The Holy Fire - named for Holy Jim Canyon where it began is one of almost 20 blazes across California.

Clark's arraignment was delayed Thursday and could take place Friday, according to Rebecca Moss, a spokeswoman for the district attorney's office.

According to the National Weather Service, smoke from the fires has actually made it's way across the country - all the way to the East Coast.

The Carr fire in northern California has spread through 181,000 acres and destroyed more than 1,000 homes.

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