Don Lemon responds to Trump's attack on him, LeBron James

Michael Jordan says 'I support' LeBron James after Trump attack

CNN Guest Blasts Trump Calling African-Americans Dumb: 'If You Don't Think This Is Racist...Get Your Vision Ch

News of the Showtime series is particularly timely after James's light criticism of Trump last week in a CNN interview earned him (as well as interviewer Don Lemon) a racially charged presidential retort over the weekend. "I like Mike", the President wrote on August 4. Even Michael Jordan - who the world assumed Trump was referencing - praised LeBron for his character and charity work. "Most of America anyway".

Watch Lemon's response to Trump above.

"Referring to African-Americans as dumb is one of the oldest canards of America's racist past and present: That black people are of inferior intelligence", Lemon said. James is constantly entering into new ventures outside of the National Basketball Association, finding new ways to reach people and impact the country.

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As Lemon cycled through the outrage Trump's attacks caused over the weekend, he reminded viewers of the president's attacks on "low IQ" Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) along with his birtherism against former President Barack Obama. "He can not take his eyes off Don Lemon", MSNBC analyst John Heilemann said. This president traffics in racism and is fueled by bullying. "He divides by race and tries to conquer decency by smearing and besmirching the truth and the people who fight to uphold it".

On Monday, MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace panel taunted President Donald Trump for "hate-watching" CNN's anchor Don Lemon. March also saw a pointed reference to Ingraham at the Academy Awards, when Bryant won a best animated short film Oscar for "Dear Basketball" and sarcastically told the audience, "As basketball players, we're really supposed to just shut up and dribble". In June, the ever-responsive Grisham told reporters that the first lady "hates to see children separated from their families", a statement issued during the throes of the firestorm created by the Trump administration's enforcement of a policy that was tearing migrants' families apart at the southern border.

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