'Never, ever threaten the United States again': Trump lashes out at Iran

Iran: China

With US sanctions set to begin, where next for Trump's Iran strategy

US President Donald Trump threw fresh doubts on chances he might meet with Iranian leaders, saying Saturday it does not matter if he sits down with Tehran to negotiate a new nuclear deal.

In short, Trump withdrew from the Iran deal, likely imposed tremendous cost and stress on Tehran's economy, and Iran has responded by staying in the deal and trying to portray itself as a good actor worthy of the world's support against United States hegemony.

Dubowitz, who noted that Iran has tested fewer missiles of late, said Trump's rhetoric and position on Iran actually lowers the risk of escalation toward conflict. Yet the potential for major shocks to the economy from the phasing-out of the greenback and switch to a new currency has stalled such moves to decouple their economies from US -dollar hegemony.

Some countries like India, China and Turkey say they are too dependent on Iranian crude to obey United States orders, but many refiners, particularly in Europe, are already cutting back.

The timing of the cryptocurrency's introduction couldn't be more important, as the aggressive moves by the Trump administration are already putting a tight squeeze on Iran's suffering economy.

Iran has started naval exercises in the Gulf amid heightened tensions with Washington, US officials have revealed. If they want to survive, their choice is clear - meet the "great Satan".

"The problem is: What next?" one of the European diplomats said, referring to concerns that the U.S.is eyeing regime change as the sanctions' end goal.

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There is a wave of protests engulfing cities and towns in Iran, with slogans demanding a change of regime because of its inability to address the financial crisis, but the demonstrators are unsure about how they can bring about change peacefully.

The administration has said a second batch of sanctions will be revived in November.

Protests have broken out in Iran since the beginning of the year over high prices, water shortage, power cuts and alleged corruption.

Another video showed heavy police presence and road blocks in the city of Karaj, west of Tehran, which has been the scene of daily protests. Protesters in the Iranian capital swarmed its historic Grand Bazaar on Monday, news agencies reported, and forced shopkeepers to close their stalls in apparent anger over the Islamic Republic's troubled economy, months after similar demonstrations rocked the country.

Washington's so-called "snapback" sanctions are due to be reinstated against Tehran at 12:01 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, a U.S. Treasury official said, speaking on condition anonymity.

The report said a protest was taking place in Karaj, 50 kilometers (30 miles) west of Tehran, when someone fired from a vehicle.

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