55 civilians killed in attacks on Yemen's Hodeida: Red Cross

Air strikes on hospital and market in Yemen's Hodeidah kill dozens

Air strikes kill at least 26 people near hospital in Yemen’s Hudaida

In another development, Martin Griffiths, Yemen's envoy to the United Nations, said the world body was going to invite warring sides for talks on September 6 in Geneva.

The Arab coalition carried out an airstrike on a hospital in the Yemeni Red Sea port of Hodeidah, killing 42 people, Al Masirah reported on Thursday, Sputnik reported.

He said there remained "huge differences" between the government and rebels.

Yemeni government forces backed by the Saudi-led coalition have been conducting an offensive to capture Hodeida from the Iran-backed Huthi rebels.

"Saudi Arabia has set up an oil base in collaboration with the French Total company in the Southern parts of Kharkhir region near the Saudi border province of Najran and is exploiting oil from the wells in the region", Yemeni economic expert Mohammad Abdolrahman Sharafeddin told Fars News Agency of Iran last March.

It was struck near the port of Hodeida in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been attacking the Houthis for the past few months.

Martin Griffiths told the Security Council that military experts say the rebel-held Red Sea port of Hodeida, Yemen, "has become the center of gravity of the war" - and avoiding a battle for the port and the city "has a better chance of being resolved within a comprehensive political settlement". The explosive charges killed 1,000 civilians until now, MASAM Director-General Osama al-Qasibi said.

Saudi Arabia expelling Canadian ambassador
Samar's brother Raif was arrested in 2012 and later sentenced to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in jail for criticizing clerics. Canada also imports $2.6 billion in goods from Saudi Arabia, with the overwhelming majority being mineral products.

However, a coalition spokesman said the Houthi militia was behind the deaths of civilians in Hudaida, according to Al Arabiya TV. After condemning the Houthi rebels and their Iranian sponsors, Haley noted that the deadly Saudi-led air raids mark a "new day" in Yemen in which civilians are "starting" to be put at risk. A Saudi-led coalition allied with the government has been at war with the Houthis since 2015.

Saudi Arabia has also imposed a blockade on Yemen, which has smothered humanitarian deliveries of food and medicine to the import-dependent state.

"The scenes coming from Hudaydah are horrific", the statement said.

Since then, the poor country at the southern edge of the Arabian Peninsula has witnessed the "worst humanitarian crisis" in the world, according to the United Nations; hunger and violence persists, while a cholera outbreak has killed over 2,000.

As recriminations over Thursday's attacks escalated, the Saudis and their military partners in the Yemen conflict denied any responsibility and blamed their enemies, the Houthis, the Yemeni insurgent group that controls the seaport, Al Hudaydah.

Yemen may be on the brink of a new cholera epidemic, with a heightened death rate due to widespread malnutrition, the World Health Organisation has said.

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