Here’s How Meghan Markle Will Spend Her First Birthday As A Royal

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry kiss

Meghan Markle news Duchess was said to have put Prince Harry on a diet

It should be a lovely day of celebrations for the foursome and an opportunity for Meghan to spend more quality time with her newest confidante, Duchess Kate. He even went so far as to say he's anxious he might die without speaking to her, "I could die tomorrow.Perhaps it would be easier for Meghan if I died". In his new interview with Daily Mail, the former lighting director also condemned the Duchess for her alleged "sense of superiority". He made the switch because of anti-German sentiments brewing at the start of World War I (the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha name was of German origin).

The Mirror also claims that the matter has gotten so out of hand that royal sources say the only way to end the farce will be for the Queen to step in.

Meghan previously told how she was keen to get stuck in and "hit the ground running". Second, they can ask an intercessor to meet Mr. Markle and make an appeal, and third, the Duchess may just cut him off completely, let the issue die down and Meghan's father might eventually stop. As per Vanity Fair, the Duchess of Cambridge is aware of her sister-in-law's predicament so she is looking out for her.

And if the fans like that, they're sure to love the duo's other small acts of rebellion. But if I send a birthday card to Kensington Palace, or wherever she's living now, it'll just be one among thousands.

He also said that Meghan would do a better job in modernizing the royal family than Diana did.

One source noted that Kate is "well aware" of what the newbie royal is going through and has "made a big effort to be kind to Meghan and look out for her".

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Thomas Markle says he hopes he's able to reconcile with his estranged daughter, saying he'd like nothing more than to speak to her again soon.

"They've had problems for some time - from before she met Prince Harry".

"The Royal Family isn't as upset as you'd think either".

"What's sad is that sometime in the next year, Meghan and Harry will have a baby and I'll be a grandfather, and if we're not speaking I won't see my grandchild".

You know you're a bona fide paid up member of the royal family when you get your own monogram, and when you get the joint one with your husband or wife - heck, you're positively ruling, Kween!

And when Diana's personal protection officer told her the night before the engagement was announced that it would be the last evening of freedom she would ever have, Diana said it was "like a sword went in my heart".

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