Roseanne Barr disputes racist claims: 'I'm not that person'

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Barr reiterated that the tweet was meant to be political, not racial, but stopped short of repeating her recent claim that she was sacked because she's a Trump supporter.

Referencing the return of "Roseanne", McCain said she was "so excited" to see it come back and felt it was a good "reflection of the middle of the country", sparking dialogue between both sides of the political aisle.

On her tweets, the fallout, and requesting time on ABC's The View to speak: "I told ABC this at the beginning: I will always defend Israel..."

"I made a mistake, obviously, and it cost me everything".

She said she's not racist and neither are Trump supporters. "That's what was in my head".

Hannity repeatedly urged Barr to apologize to Jarrett on air.

"I don't know how to reconcile with what you saying and what she has said with what the facts are", Hostin said.

"My show was canceled before not even one advertiser was pulled out and I was labeled a racist", Barr says. "I never meant to hurt anybody, or say anything negative about an entire race of people". When asked if she's ever been hospitalized for mental-health issues, she told Hannity, "Honey, that's like going to the beach for me".

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"I have apologized a lot". I'm a Jew and I have family that lives there. "I would tell her she needs a new haircut".

"I have a different view of that", responded Barr as she gave her first TV interview since she was sacked from "Roseanne".

"That is a tweet asking for accountability from the previous administration about the Iran deal, which Valerie Jarrett is the author of", she said.

Here is Hannity handing Barr an opportunity to look good, and this is what she has to say? "We just have a different opinion", she said. I made a mistake and I've paid the price for it.

She added that she invited Jarrett to join her appearance on Sean Hannity, which she refused. "And then everybody started saying I was a racist, which is like the worst thing that you can call a Jewish person, especially one who, like me, grew up with Holocaust survivors".

Boteach has interviewed Barr extensively following her tweet scandal.

Appearing on Hannity, the disgraced TV star explained the tweet regarding Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett was political rather than racist, and again stated that Barr thought Jarrett - who is of African-American descent - was white. I could fight this, because they didn't give me the notice or the chance to correct.

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