Finnish president and Trump discuss 'many things'

Trump arrives in Finland for closely watched Putin summit

Ahead of Trump-Putin meeting, lack of preparation leads to low expectations: Sources

President Donald Trump says the US relationship with Russian Federation "has NEVER been worse" as he prepares for a high-stakes summit Monday with Russia's Vladimir Putin.

"I don't see any reason why it would be", President Trump said, standing at podium side-by-side with the Russian president during a joint press conference Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

There were indications of an arrangement to work together and with Israel to support a ceasefire in southern Syria, suggesting that the USA administration is backing off its demand that Moscow's ally Bashar al-Assad step down. CBS News released excerpts Sunday, hours before Trump was set to fly to Helsinki for the summit.

But, insisting he had won the race fair and square, the wealthy property tycoon said: "I have President Putin, he just said it is not Russian Federation". He says, "I thought it was a disgrace to our country".

Following the one-on-one meeting, Trump and Putin began a larger meeting with other USA and Russian officials, and will end the summit with a joint press conference. "Though relations were worse during the Cold War, at least then the US Presidency wasn't a propaganda arm for the Kremlin".

Trump's conciliatory tone toward Putin is a stark contrast to his combative attitude at last week's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit, highlighting once again the president's transactional approach to foreign policy.

In a series of tweets Monday, Trump complained about the FBI investigation and faulted President Barack Obama for not stopping Russian attempts to meddle in the vote.

"Frankly, we have not been getting along very well for the last number of years", Trump said.

Even Trump's sometimes ally Sen.

Iran: If Trump wants to talk, he'll have to call
Pompeo said the goal is to deny Iran resources to support terrorism and continue its aggressive behavior around the world. And not that you want to hurt anybody, but that regime wouldn't let the people know that we are behind them 100 percent.

The Republican firebrand said: "I think it's a good thing to meet".

Clinton's remark comes after Trump received sweeping criticism for his comments about Putin and the USA intelligence assessment of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Though U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian Federation intervened in the U.S. election to help Trump's election chances, the president has at times said he believes Putin's denials of involvement.

U.S. Rep. Kirsten Sinema (D-Arizona), who is running for the seat Flake is vacating, issued a statement saying she was "highly disturbed" by Trump's comments.

Putin denied the notion that Russian spy bosses may hold compromising information on Trump, who in his previous business career oversaw the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow in 2013.

"I saw two leaders today who can agree with each other", Konstantin Kosachev, head of the foreign affairs committee of Russia's upper house of parliament, said on Rossiya-1. "This answer by President Trump will be seen by Russian Federation as a sign of weakness and create far more problems than it solves". "I'm not going with high expectations".

Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton, called the Russian interference a "serious matter" and said Sunday he was skeptical of Putin's claims that he had no knowledge of it.

A post-NATO trip to Britain, supposedly America's partner in a "special relationship", was riddled with controversy as well. Meanwhile, the youth wing of the country's anti-immigration party, The Finns, managed to get about 50 people to hold a pro-Trump rally.

If tangible results from the meeting were thin, the ceremony of it and the civil atmosphere between the two world leaders received considerable attention and was interpreted as a move toward improving the soured relations between Washington and Moscow. The Human Rights Campaign placed banners on Finland's Presidential Palace on Sunday which target Putin for the treatment of Chechnya's LGBTQ population, and Greenpeace placed two banners atop the city's Kallio church calling on both leaders to "Warm Our Hearts, Not Our Planet".

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