'Doctor Who' Series 11 Will Be More "Cinematic, Accessible, and Inclusive"

Comic-Con The Doctor Who Series 11 Trailer is Here

Hall H Debut Of New ‘Doctor Who’ Unveils New Season Teaser – Comic-Con

Jodie Whittaker will play the lead, and she promises to be a welcome addition to the show. The Doctor is still very much The Doctor.

We can't say whether or not Jodie Whittaker reads Vulture, but she did answer one of our Burning Questions about this year's Comic-Con.

It's a relatively short trailer, but it packs a punch and perfectly sells the more hopeful tone of Season 11, along with just how alien this version of the Doctor is.

So we were excited, but there was still an expectation, a hope, for something more.

Chibnall, a life-long fan of the program, added, "There will be little things [fans will] recognize, but what we want to see is where the show goes next". "I really love television when it's a communal experience".

"As a girl born in the eighties, The Doctor did not look like me", Whittaker noted. Moffat ran the show for five seasons from 2010 to 2017, largely creating the Eleventh (Matt Smith) and Twelfth (Capaldi) Doctors, all while simultaneously turning fellow BBC series Sherlock into a awful, unwatchable show.

"This show is huge and has this incredible, loyal fan base and it was obviously a nerve-wracking moment for the reveal to see how that reaction would land", she told reporters during the "Doctor Who" press conference at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday morning. You can watch it here if you haven't seen it yet.

Above all, Whittaker says, she is "a pillar of hope, striving for brightness and inclusion".

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Later at the panel, she was asked if there was a single defining element of her Doctor.

The trailer shows seeking out companions for her inter-dimensional adventures on the TARDIS, a time machine. "And that's interesting and that's why this role will be layered and fascinating to play". Ryan gets "caught in a insane situation" when he accompanies the Doctor, whom he "challenges".

The internet's had a year to get used to the idea of Whittaker as the Doctor.

Speaking in Radio Times, Chibnall emphasised how important it was that, "there's no barrier to entry". It's a big inclusive mainstream accessible series of ten really varied, exciting, standalone stories. "I felt as if I was very much in someone else's shoes, which is a wonderful way to start this journey".

But one new thing I definitely like is that new sonic screwdriver.

Chibnall also confirmed that the 10-episode season will be followed by a Christmas Special. Perhaps they will show up in season twelve or perhaps Chibnall is intentionally leading us astray.

Kirkman said Lincoln's decision to leave was personal and that he supported it; "This is somebody that I've known for nearly a decade, somebody that I love", Kirkman said.

Judging by the sheer noise in Hall H, fans are ready. Lord knows it was time for our first female Doctor, and things aren't just new for us-they're new for her as well.

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