White House struggles to contain political outcry over Trump-Putin summit

Republicans mull curbing Trump after Putin summit

Republicans mull curbing Trump after Putin summit

By day's end, in an interview with CBS News, Trump was ready to set an unmistakably forceful tone. He also asserted that no president has been tougher on Russian Federation than him.

"I think President (Vladimir) Putin knows that better than anybody, certainly a lot better than the media", the President added.

His assessment of Russia's current aggression is at odds with the views of us intelligence officials.

McFaul, who was US ambassador to Russia under Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, and is now at Stanford University, told Reuters he was "deeply concerned" that the White House did not defend him against what he called "crazy" Russian charges.

"These actions are persistent".

Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has reignited his war of words with U.S. President Donald Trump.

The legal definition of treason is providing "aid and comfort" to enemies of the US, a high crime.

The White House on Wednesday backed a House spending bill that includes $5 billion to build a border wall, saying it will pay for another 200 miles of physical barrier on the border with Mexico.

It also suggested other steps, including boosting the integrity of U.S. election systems and protecting them from further Russian meddling, and calling on Trump to demand the extradition of 12 Russians indicted last week for election interference. Robert Menendez, D-New Jersey, said on MSNBC.

Trump contradicts own remarks on alleged Russian meddling
"The president must appreciate that Russian Federation is not our ally", said Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan . It was also pointed out he made a handwritten note of his own during his "clarification" moment.

Trump and his team are weighing the offer, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday.

Asked in the CBS interview Wednesday whether he agrees with Coats's assessment, Trump said that he does - a shift from an interview with the same network last weekend in which he cast doubt on his intelligence chief's warnings. We're not going to have it. "My personal view: the Russians are at again". That he patted Vladimir Putin on the back for interfering in USA elections. On Tuesday, Trump sought to contain the damage by delivering a statement in which he said he accepts the US intelligence community's assessment that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 election, but also added that there "could be other people also".

The success of the apparent dress rehearsal does not bode well for the upcoming election cycles in 2018 and 2020, as intelligence leaders have noted the ongoing and increasing threat by Russian nation state hackers.

"Mr. President. Walk this back too", Schumer wrote on Twitter.

Trump's comments during the interview and U.S. intelligence assessments conflicted with Putin's denials that Russian Federation had interfered with the 2016 election. "Big results will come!" His response followed words of alarm last week from National Intelligence Director Dan Coats, who said warning lights about overall cyberthreats to the USA were "blinking red" - much as "blinking red" signals before the 9/11 terror attacks.

However, there is concern that so little is known about the substance of what Putin and Trump discussed in their private meeting with only translators present.

MICHAEL MCFAUL: The prosecutor general's spokesperson implied that I was being considered as a criminal in this investigation and that somehow in their cockamamie schemes that Bill Browder was laundering money out of Russian Federation to help the Clinton campaign and I and several other former government officials were helping him doing it.

Trump tweeted "While the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meeting in Brussels was an acknowledged triumph, with billions of dollars more being put up by member countries at a faster pace, the meeting with Russian Federation may prove to be, in the long run, an even greater success". But a group revolt - which many Trump critics have yearned for - could also come across to viewers as pompous and self-serving.

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