White House denies Trump said Russian Federation no longer targeting U.S

Since last month's Singapore summit no concrete progress has been reported on moves to denuclearise North Korea

Since last month's Singapore summit no concrete progress has been reported on moves to denuclearise North Korea

We have no speed limit.

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that Russian Federation would help with North Korea and offered an enthusiastic update on the US process of negotiating with the antagonistic Asian nation over nuclear weapons.

President Donald Trump has now said there is no hurry to denuclearise North Korea - having previously said the process would start very soon.

Russia's RIA news agency, citing Moscow's envoy to Pyongyang, reported on Wednesday that a summit between the leaders of Russian Federation and North Korea is "on the agenda" and that it would be "logical" to raise the idea of lifting sanctions. "There have been no rockets going up for a period of nine months, and I think the relationships are very good, so we'll see how that goes".

"Discussions are ongoing and they're going very, very well".

Last week North Korea accused the U.S. of making "gangster-like" demands for the process, and branded the USA attitude at high-level talks as "extremely troubling".

In a tweet Trump said he elicited a promise from Putin to help negotiate with North Korea but did not say how.

Trump says meeting with Putin 'even better' than with NATO
Referring to the Skripal case, Mr Putin said: "We would like to get at least some sort of a document, evidence about it". The only tangible sign of progress was Putin's gift of a World Cup soccer ball to Trump.

The U.S. plans to send cases for transportation to the demilitarized zone, where North Korea will place the remains.

Pressed on whether Trump warned Putin against interference, Sanders said, "The president has made clear to Vladimir Putin that he should stay out of USA elections".

BBC notes that Trump's position regarding denuclearization appears to counter what he had said before he met with Kim.

Last month's summit was the first ever meting between leaders of the United States and North Korea.

"We were also thinking about providing reciprocal measures", an unnamed spokesperson of North Korea's foreign ministry said at the time in a statement published by the official Korean Central News Agency. The first steps for scrapping the nuclear program were made even before the historic Trump-Kim summit, as Pyongyang demolished its Punggye-ri nuclear test site in May.

The meetings were the first between US and North Korean high-ranking officers since March 2009.

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