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Here are the 70 new emoji coming to iOS

Apple unveils new emoji on World Emoji Day - GSMArena.com news

Apple is using World Emoji Day as an opportunity to tout some of the new emojis coming in iOS 12.

The new characters will include more diverse representations of people, including those with red, grey and curly hair - or even no hair at all. There's also a "pleading face" with big eyes and a blushing smiley face surrounded by three hearts.

Joining the growing list of animals represented on the emoji keyboard are beautifully designed characters for the kangaroo, peacock, parrot and lobster.

New emoji for iPhone and iPad owners are on their way, with Apple revealing over 70 of the new emoticons coming soon in iOS 12.

On New Year's Eve, both platforms say the highest amount of emojis shared.

In the food department, you can expect to see emojis for mango, lettuce, cupcakes and mooncakes, among plenty others. Included are new hair styles, animals, food items, and more.

Elisabeth Leoni  Google
Elisabeth Leoni Google

The new emoji will be available for iPhone users in a September blog entry.

At least 157 new emojis were approved in 2018‚ bringing the total number of emojis to 2‚823.

CRIKEY, this is good news - especially on World Emoji Day. Every year since 2014, July 17 is celebrated as the World Emoji Day.

Every day, Facebook users collectively post 700 million emojis through wall posts, comments, and more.

Emoji have existed since 1999 and may have evolved out of an option to send a basic heart graphic that became popular with Japanese teenagers using pagers in the 1990s. Who knew ‍♂️?! Yes, tomorrow is the day we officially celebrate the little emoji characters. A Guinness World Record was attempted in Dubai on 17 July previous year for the 'Largest gathering of people dressed as Emojis'.

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