Donald Trump visibly annoyed by question over incendiary Brexit comments

President Donald Trump gestures as he speaks at the National Rifle Association annual convention in Dallas Friday

The Crowds at London’s Anti-Trump Protests Were Enormous

In the wake of 12 indictments of Russians on charges that they hacked Democratic Party servers during the 2016 election, President Donald Trump should only meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin under "one circumstance only", and that's to deliver a message that "we know what you did", Rep. Jim Himes said Saturday morning.

The convention-shredding president, who had already attracted ire ahead of his four-day visit to Britain by rebuking Prime Minister Theresa May as she struggles over Brexit, met the Queen on Friday at Windsor Castle.

Trump's journey to Scotland is part of the "private" leg of his four-day "working visit" to the United Kingdom and follows his meeting with Theresa May and the Queen yesterday.

Giuliani Friday called the indictments that were handed down from Mueller's team "good news for all Americans", but said Mueller should drop the probe and declare Trump is "completely innocent".

Trump said the pair discussed Brexit and "she said it's a very - and she's right - it's a very complex problem, I think nobody had any idea how complex it was going to be", he revealed, without going further.

In the incendiary interview, with the Sun newspaper, the U.S. leader criticised Mrs May's handling of Brexit negotiations, hailed Boris Johnson - who quit the cabinet earlier this week - as a future and "great Prime Minister" and said there was too much immigration in Europe. He added it was up to May how to handle Brexit, though he wants to ensure the U.S.

Trump feels ‘unwelcome’ in London, cites blimp
May weathered the resignations of her Brexit and foreign ministers earlier this week over the proposals. A YouGov/ITV Tonight poll released on Thursday found there is "broad support" for Trump among Britons.

A demonstration in London on Saturday organised by British alt-right and pro-Trump campaigners led to 12 arrests for violence and public order offences, police said.

Trump said that the "special relationship" - "the highest level of special" - between the two countries is "a bond that is like no other". "This is an incredible opportunity for our two countries and we will seize it fully".

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has been booed by protesters while playing golf at the Trump Turnberry golf resort in Scotland, where he is spending the weekend.

Earlier reports claimed that Trump asked May to ban protests during his visit, which she refused.

The Queen, the President and first lady Melania Trump all shook hands.

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