Indian court upholds death for 3 convicts for 2012 Delhi gang rape

India’s Supreme Court reaffirms death penalty for ‘diabolical’ assailants in 2012 fatal gang rape

India's Supreme Court upholds death sentence in Delhi rape case

"That is when a true example will be set, because there are so many cases in which the death sentence is given on paper but years go by after that", she said.

Three rapists have filed a petition for review of the death penalty.

"I want that as soon as possible they are hanged to death", Devi said in an interview with The Post.

Explaining that review jurisdiction is exercised by the court in case of "glaring omission or injustice", justice Ashok Bhushan decreed that the present case did not disclose any ground for interfere.

The convicts still have two different processes available for seeking a review of their verdict.

"The review petition of all the three convicts has been rejected", Mr A.P. Singh, a lawyer for the defendants, told reporters.

"This decision has only been made due to media pressure, public pressure and public sentiments at the time".

"It is apt to state here that in the said case, stress was laid on certain aspects, namely, the manner of commission of the murder, the motive for commission of the murder, anti- social or socially abhorrent nature of the crime, magnitude of the crime and personality of the victim of murder". That ruling came over four years after the chilling incident that took place on the night of December 16, 2012.

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She was dumped on the streets suffering horrific internal injuries and died 13 days later in a Singapore hospital.

One of the accused in the case, Ram Singh, had allegedly committed suicide in the Tihar Jail here.

Just four convicts have been executed in the last 25 years, including Dhananjoy Chatterjee in 2004 for the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl. He walked out of a correction home in December 2015 after spending three years there.

Nirbhaya's family has said that they were "happy with the judgement". "I request the judiciary to tighten their judicial system", she told ANI.

The Indian chapter of the Amnesty International said procedural and institutional reforms are needed to curb the crimes against women.

The brutal attack prompted widespread protests throughout the country, sparked a new debate about women's safety in India and resulted in strict changes to the country's rape laws which now allows for the death penalty in some rape cases.

She claimed that lawmakers in the country hold up capital punishment as a symbol of their resolve to tackle crime and choose to ignore more hard and effective solutions like improving investigations, prosecutions and support for victims' families.

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