George Clooney reportedly hurt in motorcycle crash in Italy

George Clooney

George Clooney

Rome: Italian media say actor George Clooney has been hospitalized after he was involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle in Sardinia. Private Mediaset, citing gossip magazine Chi, said the accident occurred near Costa Corallina, in the province of Olbia.

In pictures from the crash, obtained by the MailOnline, the vehicle involved in the crash appears to have a smashed windscreen, suggesting George may even have hit it during the crash. They also claim it is not believed his condition is serious.

Clooney and his wife Amal are staying in Sardinia for the summer as George films his new TV series Catch 22, which stars Irish comedian David McSavage.

Based on Joseph Heller's classic novel, it will be broadcast in the United Kingdom on Channel 4.

Clooney, 57, plays US Air Force commander Scheisskopf in the World War Two Channel 4 drama, based on Joseph Heller's classic novel. The series is being produced for Hulu.

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Calls and emails to Clooney's spokesman weren't immediately returned. According to CNN, the Oscar victor was thrown over the top of his scooter after being hit by a Mercedes while in Olbia on the island of Sardinia. It's unclear when George will return to filming.

The move comes after it was announced in April that the actor was going to be reducing his role in the production so that he could concentrate on directing and producing.

It was from that moment George made it his mission to land Amal, later taking her on their first date at a plush London restaurant.

Parts of this first appeared on The Sun and are republished with permission.

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