Thailand cave: Elon Musk making 'child-sized' submarine to rescue Thai boys

Image Source RUNGROJ YONGRIT  EPA-EFE  REX  Shutterstock

Image Source RUNGROJ YONGRIT EPA-EFE REX Shutterstock

The engineers were sent from Tesla, Musk's electric vehicle company; SpaceX, his rocket company; and the Boring Co., which specializes in tunneling and construction, a Boring Co. spokesman said.

After practising football, 12 boys aged 11-16 years old and their coach went to visit a cave name Tham Laung.

"With some mods, this could also work as an escape pod in space", SpaceX's billionaire CEO, Elon Musk, said today in a series of tweets sharing the team's progress. The concept could come in handy for future underwater rescues on Earth, or rescues in the vacuum of space.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has stepped in to help the young footballers trapped in a cave in Thailand.

Tragically, a former Thai Navy diver who joined the ongoing rescue operations died on Friday. It would be light enough to be carried by 2 divers and small enough for narrow gaps.

Mr Musk said he was constructing the mini-submarine in Los Angeles with his SpaceX team, and expected it to be completed by about 12:30pm AEST.

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Musk's company, Boring Co, which digs tunnels for transport systems and has advanced ground-penetrating radar, is being utilised to help rescue the team. They were escorted out by a group of Thai and global divers.

It takes even the most experienced divers up to five hours to swim through jagged, narrow channels from where the boys are to safety outside. Rescuers are anxious about diminishing oxygen levels in the cavern where they have taken refuge, as well as monsoon rains that could push water levels even higher.

They remained trapped inside the cave complex for almost two weeks before they made first contact with rescuers from the United Kingdom at around 10:30 p.m. on Monday at about 1.2 miles deep inside the cave.

Now, rescuers are weighing the best options to get the team out of the cave complex, an extremely hazardous operation that could potentially involve diving through caves only wide enough for one person.

Authorities hope to get the team out in the next couple of days before monsoon rains arrive over the weekend.

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