Kavanaugh has inside track for Trump's Supreme Court choice, sources say

President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally Wednesday

President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally Wednesday

Kennedy, a conservative who sometimes sided with the court's liberals on divisive social issues such as gay rights and abortion, was a key figure on the nine-justice court. The Kennedy nomination likely means that his replacement's confirmation process will take priority over other pending matters, so it's likely we'll see confirmation hearings begin sometime after that. Demand Justice, a new group helping coordinate liberal opposition to the pick, has started airing ads in ME and Alaska, part of $5 million it plans to spend nationally during the campaign. "The American people since Trump became president have gone to airports to protect immigrants, they've marched for women's rights". She was unafraid to break with GOP orthodoxy on issues like health care, leading to the possibility she does the same on a Supreme Court nominee she might deem too textualist or conservative.

A vote against one of Trump's Supreme Court nominees could add a lot more fuel to the fire. Hardiman has some notable opinions in his 11 years on the appeals court that could appeal to Trump, including upholding strip searches of jail inmates, even those arrested on minor charges, backing collection of genetic evidence from people at the time of their arrest, and dissenting from a ruling that upheld gun regulations in New Jersey. "You know, if you look back at Republican nominations to the court, Democrats have batted nearly 1000".

"Indeed, numerous worst liberal judicial activists, including William Brennan, John Paul Stevens, and Harry Blackmun - the author of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide - were appointed by Republican presidents". "These mistakes haunt the legacies of presidents, a specter they can never shake".

Had Democrats not tried to block Gorsuch, they would still have the filibuster. Her judicial philosophy is well known from her many academic writings, so she would not be a dreaded stealth nominee who would provoke conservative opposition. "It's a risk, when what a president really needs is a sure thing".

Members of the federal judiciary are grown-ups with hefty credentials who know they are public figures and worked hard to get there.

Trump plans to hold talks with Putin "tete-a-tete"
Other accusations on Moscow include meddling the 2016 U.S. elections in favor of Trump including other Western states. According to Russian media reports, Lavrov lately met with a USA lawmakers delegation on Trump-Putin meeting.

Citing unnamed sources, Fox News said the president has met with the six candidates, with some being interviewed a couple of times.

Lee, a constitutional lawyer by trade, has expressed interest in serving on the Supreme Court, even going as far to admit that if asked, he "would not say no". Pence has also spoken to Republican senators, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sen. During his time on the bench, Kethledge has written or been part of some of the most notable cases to come before the Sixth Circuit although he did not play a role in that Circuit's decision in the same-sex marriage cases that were ultimately overruled by the Supreme Court in Obergefell v. Hodges. The federal government penalized schools that did not adopt the new policies. Trump a year ago appointed conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch to take a seat that the Republican-led U.S. Senate, which must confirm nominees to the high court, had prevented Democratic former President Barack Obama from filling in 2016 following the death of conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.

"Absolutely", Collins said during an interview with News Center Maine.

"No other nominee fits that mold like Mike Lee", Cruz writes.

Trump said he has narrowed his choice to three or four contenders.

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