LeBron James trades The Land for LA LA Land: Crowquill

Statement from Cavaliers Chairman Dan Gilbert   
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Statement from Cavaliers Chairman Dan Gilbert Getty Images

Before LeBron James chose to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, the team was more recently known as Kobe Bryant's team. But LeBron is LeBron, and let's hope, for the love of God, that LaVar doesn't believe that LeBron needs his son in order to be a better basketball player.

As far as narratives go, few could have been more tantalizing.

LeBron left to pursue new challenges both on and off the court.

The Lakers also are projected to have enough cap space to sign a second max contract player in 2019. James made the announcement Sunday, July 1, 2018, on a release, saying he has agreed to a four-year, $154 million contract.

The game's biggest star will now lead a young Lakers team - run by Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson - that has been over-matched in recent years while rebuilding.

But at least the worst half-decade in franchise history should become a bad memory for Lakers fans, who seethed through five irrelevant seasons highlighted mostly by Bryant's retirement tour. However, George considered it a better option than the Lakers.

Here's the reality of the situation: no matter what uniform he wears, LeBron James is going to be LeBron James, and it doesn't matter if Lonzo Ball is tagging along for the ride or not.

Additionally, with Kawhi Leonard potentially available in trade discussions during the upcoming season, it benefits the Lakers to showcase Ball as much as possible and increase his potential value in trade discussions.

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On one hand, the Lakers have LeBron James, JaVale McGee, Rajon Rondo, and Lance Stephenson.

James and his legacy may be irreplaceable to the city, but before focusing on a team that may be good when they start in August, start focusing on the one living up to expectations now.

A team's head coach has never been a huge factor in a LeBron decision... unless you count Miami Heat general manager Pat Riley recruiting him, which is a bit of a stretch.

However, the two-time reigning NBA Finals MVP reportedly privately suggested the prospect was not as alluring as some might think. Cleveland lost three of them to the Golden State Warriors.

What made James' move to Hollywood surprising is that it seemed to have come without a carefully orchestrated plan.

However, there is no guarantee any of them will join LeBron in the City of Angels next year.

The best player of his generation might no longer be the best recruiter in the league.

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