Photo of Geoffrey the Giraffe leaving Toys "R" Us store goes viral

Johnpiere's most recent post she showed employees finishing up their tasks at the store which is covered in neon sale signs before locking the doors for the last time

Today Is the Day Every Last Toys R Us Store Closes

In fact, the nationwide shutdown has left over 700 more empty retail spaces just like the one photographed and, more importantly, an $11 billion hole in the toy market.

In a post on its official Facebook page on Friday, Toys "R" Us" asked customers to "stay tuned" for news and information on "the next chapter for Geoffrey and the iconic Toys "R' Us brands".

KB Toys, which filed for bankruptcy and closed all us stores in 2009, is also said to be mulling a comeback.

"He visited us in New Jersey just previous year and we will forever be grateful for his positive energy, passion for the customer and love for children everywhere".

After years of struggling to get out from under the weight of those increasing pressures, Toys R Us - the biggest toy retailer in the United States - filed for bankruptcy in September 2017. In February it announced that an additional 200 stores would close, and on March 14, the company confirmed that all stores in the U.S. would be closing, per Newsweek. "What we're asking is that the executives at Toys "R" Us would allow us to be the stewards of Geoffrey, their mascot, as a way for us to raise awareness for giraffe conservation". An auction for the company's name, baby shower registry and various trademarks is set for late July.

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Toys R Us is saying goodbye.

Many long-time employees were hoping to retire at a place they called home.

'It was the best job I had.

"I think Geoffrey the Giraffe signifies fun and childhood memories", a zoo representative told CBS San Antonio affiliate KENS.

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